Whoa, Chevy Just Built a Tron Car


April 22, 2015 on Supercompressor. The pictures help this one.


This is the Chevrolet FNR. An ultra-futuristic, self-driving, Light Cycle-esque sedan that’s part of a series of new models that GM is showing off at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. It’s equal parts iPhone and Tron and it kicks major ass.


Keys have been replaced with iris recognition technology (good luck sneaking it out of the garage now!) as the only way to open the dual dragonfly-like doors. And that’s just the beginning. You drive the FNR with body movements straight out of PlayStation Kinect, and it can go from “self-drive” to autonomous mode with a simple swipe of your hand.

And it’s not just the driving that feels like it’s straight from a video game. The seats are made from mesh, feature full wraparound headrests, and can swivel 180 degrees. Yep, that means the FNR has sitting room for tea, an early conference, or even better, a game room to play Forza on your commute.
The headlights and taillights are crystal lasers and the interior is illuminated with an ambient purple hue. The wheels are a magnetic, hubless design powered by electric motors—just like the Light Cycle—that would make Kevin Flynn green with envy.
Naturally, the FNR can be charged wirelessly, but also boasts an array of sensors and smart technologies for self-driving that could rival the security platforms of most nuclear power plants. Did I mention the roof-mounted, terrain-mapping radar? It’s got that.

 Since the FNR is intended to be a glimpse into the future, it uses a P2P network to communicate with other cars, so as to avoid getting too close—just like you and all of your high school “friends” on Facebook.

The fine folks at GM are keeping the powertrain options under wraps, so no word yet on how it will fair against a Stallone-driven Oldsmobile.


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