Meet The Mercedes-Based Bulletproof Business Jet for the Road

A good buddy has a Sprinter he loaned me for a weekend at Barber. Towing a racer with a box full of heavy tools, it averaged 15 mpg and pulled like nothing else outside of my RV. They really are cool vans and if I ever make it, I am getting one of these and begin chaffered in what will be my bedroom.


The Mercedes-based Airstream Autobahn is a super luxurious way to have exclusive transportation on par with the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in JFK. But for those that say “on par” is somehow never good enough, the staff at Lexani Motorcars devised an even morelavishly appointed Mercedes transporter. Meet Grazia, your gold plated, bed-having, bulletproof business jet for the highway.

The Corona, California-based firm has long offered Sprinter van conversions with “premium interiors, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched comfort.” But now, even that seems a little…mediocre. Just take a look inside.
With an option list that starts with a bedroom, toilet, and office space before continuing to bullet resistant armor plating, the Lexani conversion borders on the obscene. Looking at the big screen TV from the supple leather electric couch, all you’ll notice is that you’re not in rush hour traffic.
Once an angry, traffic-riddled neighbor looks over and sees you watching Top Gear reruns while taking a conference call via the integrated iPad, he or she might be overcome with jealous rage. That’s when the armor plating would come in handy. Good thing you can get it rated anywhere from “Brazilian Soccer Riot” to “Weekend in Baghdad.”
Of course, you’d be too busy enjoying the finer things, like 24k gold plated crystal flutes, to notice anything in the outside world.
The satellite can tell your boss or family if you’re running late, and the security cameras and monitors are perfect for back seat driving—even from behind the 50-inch 4K TV.

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