…and just like that, I am a “professional” writer.


Last November, at age 43, for the paltry sum of $400.00 I added a new title to my resume; “Professional Driver.”

The crew over at Webster.com define professional as;

2c engaged in by persons receiving financial return

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An Object at Rest and Ego Depletion


Put simply, Ego depletion refers to the idea that self-control or willpower draw upon a limited pool of mental resources that can be used up.

I stumbled across this idea my final year in the Air Force. I had been asked to come back to a previous position rather than ride out my final 6 months to retirement. During my intellectually unchallenging but massively frustrating, 365 day deployment, I managed to generate over 40 pieces for The Truth About Cars. In, fact writing was an outlet for a very challenging deployment. It was so frustrating that my time there ultimately led me to retire.

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