I Have a New Mistress, Her Name is Betty


Sexy lady ain’t she?

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Need a Driver?

I warned a writer I was going to steal this, and I did;

Hey, LeMons teams! Are you looking for a REAL PRO RACE DRIVER WHO RACES PRO RACES PROFESSIONALLY to race with you? For the limited-time price of FREE, I will do it! No, wait! I’ll pay you! Fuck it! What? You don’t have any room in your diesel-powered GMC Sonoma? Is it okay if I just come and watch? Is there any food left in the cooler? I’m hungry. Do they let people sleep on the bleachers at night? Do you have any extra socks?

Its a bit of mockery of another pro driver who is trying to hustle a free ride with a LeMons team. I think its hilarious, and after this weekend’s shenanigans, kind of appropriate.

Plus I have an RV and good taste in tequila…

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