The April Fool’s Day Prank I wish Was Real

This was my other Jalopnik Attempt. I wrote this for Supercompressor, but they did nothing with it and a few other bloggers picked it up. I actually enjoyed this and promoted it with my feeble social media. My sister in law though it was cool and its her kids.

I wish this April Fool's Day prank was real.

Courtesy of

Of course you all saw the prank of the century from the illustrious Jack Baruth (7K Facebook shares and counting!). But there were several other good ones floating around last week. You could play Pac Man in your neighborhood via Google maps, and Netflix added “Binge Responsibly” PSA’s. But My favorite was from the crew at Think Geek and The Nerdist.

Mad Max Fury Road themed Power Wheels.

I don’t have kids. I am an uncle, and as such my job is not one of responsibility. My job is sugar, cartoons and bad decisions. In the future, I look forward to bailing my nieces and nephews out of jail before their parents find out. Unless I am in there with them, in which case I’ll probably be safer from my sister-in-law.

But in the ilk of bad ideas, I would pick up this delightful trio of Mad Max inspired Power Wheels from in a heartbeat.

If the video doesn’t load, go here; it’s totally work safe

My nephew Cruz is a delightful and creative young lad who has conquered Mario Brothers and two years ago convinced his family dress as the game’s cast for Halloween. While he is not exactly the type for the last of the V8 Interceptors, he could learn;

I wish this April Fool's Day prank was real.

Just remind me to hide my Dachshund from the integrated spikes when they visit.

I wish this April Fool's Day prank was real.

But the middle child Ryder? He is fearless and would totally be ready for the Rage Rover. The skull gear stick would have him giggling and no houseplant would be safe from the flaming exhaust pipes.

I wish this April Fool's Day prank was real.

As for the front ramming blades, just keep you feet on the sofa during the game and you’ll be fine. The cup holder won’t fit my 32oz Big Gulp, but it would fit the Evil Dead sippy cup I got him last Christmas. My sister in law says she can’t find it, but no matter, I will get him another.

Finally; the darling little blonde Sofi! She followers her big-brothers everywhere and even though she is only 23 months old, she would master the Master Blaster ATV!

I wish this April Fool's Day prank was real.

When Cruz attempts to fight back with the Nerf Dart gun from the Fury Roadster’s integrated holder, she will let him have it with the ATV’s bolt-action foam harpoon gun, dart gun cannon, and twin dart blasters. Never mess with the youngest!

The thought of the three chasing each other though my brother-in-law’s house, complete with explosions and ultimately reducing his home to a crazed wasteland just warms my heart!

Well, I do have a glue gun and some time before Christmas…

Christian Mental Ward is an idiot. Thank your lucky stars he hasn’t managed to breed. But he really does have several delightful nieces and nephews. He did manage to convince two of his in-laws to take Cruz with him to a Cars and Coffee event. They had Starbucks cake pops for breakfast.


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