Jesse Lang Wants to Be Your Prom Date

So this was my attempt to get on Jalopnik. It did;t work, but I did actually have a great Twitter conversation with Jesse Lang. She is a total badass, and was quite serious. I don;t know if anyone ever took her up on the offer, but she is a big believer in think global and act local. So I didn’t get into Jalopnik, I did get to meet someone really cool.

Jessi Lang wants to be your Prom Date

Jessi Lang wants to be your Prom Date

Provided you live near Los Angeles.

Motor Trend’s Jessi Lang is taking a stand, putting her money and social time where her mouth is. Earlier this month, the host of J-Turn posted this Tweet.

Jessi Lang wants to be your Prom Date

If you live near LA and you’re constantly bullied and harassed at school, let me know if you need a prom date

Furthermore, the future Dr. Lang (she is a PHD Candidate) clarified the offer further.

Jessi Lang wants to be your Prom Date

This offer is extended to everyone- LGBT, straight, ambivalent- anyone who needs a friend. Please RT

No doubt Jessi’s spring calendar will soon be filling up, as it should.

If you doubt her resolve, keep in mind this woman almost lost her life testing an Audi R-8 . I think she can stand up to a badly decorated Hyatt ballroom, Chicken Cordon Blue and the current Mark Ronson /Bruno Mars’ single.

No word on the supercar she will drive. Rock on Jessi. We can’t wait to see those prom pictures!


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