Who is this guy? and why “Mental?”

This guy is W. Christian “Mental” Ward. A retired Air Force Officer, philosophy major, car enthusiast, aspiring auto journo, driver, blogger and hack.

“Mental” is a residual callsign from my Air Force flying days. The callsign is a long honored tradition of military aviation and actually serves a real purpose I won’t bore you with here. Sometimes these nicknames stick, sometimes not. Mine did. Everyone but my wife and parents know me as “Mental,” and the wife will call me that when she needs my attention.

Now you know me as Mental too.

Expect auto, racing and general gearhead nonsense along with the occasional philosophical observation. I might fall prey to a political issue or two, but I am going to try hard to avoid this becoming John Q Public, which isn’t a bad site, just not what I want to do here.

What? You read this far? Cool! Follow me on Instagram, Vine and Twitter at M3ntalward. I am on YouTube, and this all started with a submission to The Truth About Cars.


One thought on “Who is this guy? and why “Mental?””

  1. Christian, I have 2 photos of the Gm concept El Camino/boat in the 1965 Reopening Day Parade at the New York World’s Fair. Will be glad to email them to you.


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The odd musings and automotive observations of a guy who willingly calls himself Mental

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