I Joined a Gym So My Kitchen Is Spotless


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Not really, but I did have a gym membership until this spring. That’s another dumb story. No the title comes from a joke I saw on Whisper. The idea is that no one really wants to go to the gym (the industry is built on it), so we looked for reasons not to.


I could have titled this, I Started a Blog, So Now My Kitchen is Spotless.

Which actually, it is. I awoke early this morning with work I needed to get done, so rather than sit down at the computer, I cleaned my kitchen, then I mowed my lawn, which I had been putting off by insisting I needed to run, or fix my weedeater (which I also did today).

In addition to the work I needed to do, I have the world’s longest-term Porsche track project (in which I take a perfectly good daily driven 996 and reduce it to garage art/shelving). A DD that needs maintenance, the wife’s Suburban that needs attention, my RV and 3 unfinished car reviews as well as another 7 un-started ones. Let’s not forget three ongoing garage remodeling projects, as well as two unfinished min-construction ideas, my backyard that is a disaster, and my desk resembles the shopping cart of an OCD homeless person. It’s stacked and neat, but it is according to size, not any order and most of it is trash.

Even as typed that I came up with a dozen other things I need to get done. But that’s not the point. The point is I worry the only reason I get anything done is that I am trying to avoid another thing I need to do. I should harness this misguided energy. But most of the time I just start to wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

I have had this before. I become so bogged in unfinished ventures that I simply abandon everything. Selling or giving away car and bike projects, deleting files, and pitching a lot of things in the trash. The initial feeling of freedom is nice, but project creep starts back.

The whole point of this was to write, which I enjoy, and I don’t understand why I try to avoid I enjoy working on cars, and I am avoiding that, I enjoy running and I am avoiding that. I don’t like yardwork per sea, but I enjoy having a nice lawn, so I am not sure what’s going on there.

I have done fun things since the last post back in…Jeez…March? Man, I am slacking. I totally missed the two races at Road Atlanta prior to that as well as Barber. The prior entry was December and October. Why am I telling you this? You’re the one (not) reading the site. Prior to that, I was at least monthly, but I should be weekly.

Maybe I need to start paying attention to those reminders I keep on my phone.

Or better yet, remind me to do something else! Then maybe I will stick to this. Or not, my lawn looks great right now, my kitchen is actually clean, and at this point, I am the only one who reads this…




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