So You Wanna Be in The Movies Kid?

I wrote this last year for another website and it never went anywhere, so enjoy!

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It’s a smoke-filled dive bar in downtown Jackson Georgia. My long brown hair is perfectly feathered. I am shooting pool. I have a draft, my partner has PBR in a can. The Pacers are on the small black and white TV hanging over the bar. Sitting behind me is David Harbour. He is about to pick a fight.

Of course, I am on set. I am an extra. I don’t do this for a living, I just kind of started after I retired from the military. Something to do in between writing gigs and supercar instruction.

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Is Spotify becoming Skynet?


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I am not here to debate whether machines can think or dream, just to tell a story. Some philosophers hold that can only be realized in particular physical systems because consciousness has properties that necessarily depend on physical constitution.

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