Well that sucked…

Or did it?

I don’t wanna add to the “OMG 2016 sucked” chorus,  one of my resolutions is to count my blessings. The reason being 2016 was a challenge for me on several fronts, because I needed to pay a penance for my 2015. But if I look at the entirety of the last 12 months, it was actually pretty good, the duality of this I will attempt to explain; like this motorcycle accident picture above, which is actually my bike right after I was hit Friday.

Part of my blessings in 2016 was an several new group of friends, as a spinoff from my overindulgence in 2015. One group I met for lunch Friday. It was sunny and nice, so I rode my Harley (another 2015 indulgence). On my way home, a F-150 turned left into me.

As I saw the truck coming at me I grabbed some throttle, the impact was on the saddle bag inches behind my leg. It knocked the bike to the right, resulting in a high side into a storm drain.

My saddle bags are destroyed, the chrome guard where the truck hit is trash. The engine guard is comprised on the right. The pipe is scraped on the right and busted on the left. My right side floorboard is gone and the left side passenger one is done. So that sucks right?

But, what if I didn’t see the truck? The impact would have been square on my thigh. I am pretty fit but I cannot withstand an impact from a full size truck without injury. What if I wasn’t wearing all my gear? What if I didn’t know how to fall off a bike after hundreds of dirt bike offs? What if I was riding my buddies VFR he loaned me in October?

Let’s talk injury. I have a friend with more exotic metal in him than the Air Force aircraft I have flown on. Me? Over a lifetime of dangerous hobbies and questionable decisions, I have a badly healed pinkie and a bone spur on my right foot. The spur is from a toe I shattered and never treated 8 years ago. Now the bike landed on that foot, and honestly, it hurts worse than when I broke it. But I can walk, and I have buddies who can’t. My aforementioned friend with thousands of dollars in titanium? Last week he filmed himself bunny hopping his new BMX bike, he is just 6 months younger than me. So I feel like a wuss whining about my toe.

So that brings me to 2016; I spent the 1st half of it living in my RV. That sounds challenging until you take into consideration I own an RV that cost twice as much as my first house. I was also living there to work as a full time supercar instructor.

I left that for my job now. It’s intellectually stimulating and feeds my soul. It also happens I am terrible at it, but damm if these kids don’t actually like me. I am a teacher.

I still havent gotten my Porsche running. I am not a professional driver or writer. In fact I can count what I wrote this year on my hands and too much of it was here, rather than the professional sites I have been paid for in the past. If I am honest, what’s been on here wasn’t much.

I raced more the last 6 months than I did in 2014. I have met amazing people, some of them actual celebrities, all them amazing and shared incredible experiences with them. I am a better driver, a better husband and a better man. I have damm good woman who loves me, keeps me honest and feeds my soul.

The problem is perspective. Last night I spent 6 hours in an ER to see if my foot was broken. I have healthcare, albeit crappy healthcare, but my only complaint was my time. I looked around at the utter bottom of our working class society, some of them with no idea how to pay for that ER visit. Some of them legitimately ill, but still having to work.

So yeah, I got hit by a truck. Maybe I needed to be. I am blessed beyond belief and my goal, aside from more racing and writing, is to remember that.

So no, my life is not a “2016 sucks!” situation, and I have paid for my 2015 flamboyance. But I am glad to put this year in the rear view. Because as Franco famously said;

What’s behind me, is not important


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