I Used to Write Things…

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I used to write;

Great things, terrible things, often misspelled and with bad punctuation. Funny things that made some folks almost crack a smile. I wasn’t the best, but I did it. I did it and people read these things, and on rare occasions, some people actually enjoyed reading them

I used to run;

Pathetic distances in pathetic times. But I was faster than some, farther than others and usually chasing another. I moved, I travelled and I went places just to run. I ran when I was angry, I ran when I was happy, I ran when it was hot and when it was cold. Then I stopped running as much. I don’t know why. It made me happy, it kept me healthy. But as soon and there was another demand on my time, I didn’t run. Even when I wanted to, and the reason not do was something I didn’t want. I didn’t run.


I used to read;

Books, papers, and magazines, so many magazines. I read on-line editorials, tweets, conspiracy theories and cereal boxes. I knew things, I learned things, I formed opinions and read things that challenged them. I kept my views but I learned to understand the other side.


I used to build;

Stupid things, I welded, I sawed, I hammered and nailed. I fixed things and broke things. I made things that didn’t exist prior and probably didn’t need to. Some of the things worked, some failed spectacularly, some never made it to finished idea. But I built things.


I used to race;

Fast things, slow things. I raced terribly and got better. I met others who raced things and taught even more people to race things. I spent money and made friends. I won, but I lost more. But I used to race things.


I used to do;

Fun things, dumb things and little things. But I did them. Now I don’t do things, I don’t race, build, read run or write and I have no idea why. But I liked myself when I did things. I liked the people I met and they made my life better.


I want to get back to the things I used to do.

So today, I ran. A pathetic distance in a pathetic time.

And now I wrote a thing. It contains lots of fragments and probably a few misspelled words. Maybe someone will read it.



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