Well, That Was Unexpected…

Apparently, this site has received a lot of traffic after that last post. I have been getting a great deal of positive feedback and an unexpected level of solidarity from folks battling their own Failure Brigade.

This was a guest post of a buddies blog. It didn’t feel right to post it on FB, but if you are reading this, you might enjoy it.

The Worst Ride of My Life.


The Surprise Return of The Failure Brigade

It’s been many, many years since I have had to deal with The Failure Brigade. But last night, more specifically early this morning, they made a surprise return.

As a teen, I would stay up too late in my room and watch Arts and Entertainment TV. It was the 80’s and they actually had arts and entertainment. One of my favorite shows was “An Evening At The Improv.” My memory is hazy, but I want to credit this routine to Marc Price known as “Skippy” from “Family Ties.” Some great amount of net search rendered no such proof. So whoever it was, they introduced me to the Failure Brigade.

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