Want a Free BMW Shell?



No seriously, come get this thing. I am taking the engine for another project and this needs to go. If I don’t get any offers it’s getting sliced up and off to the recycler.


Earlier this year, my arrogance and stubbornness led to the complete destruction of the Colonel Sausage Pizza Truck’s engine after two events. It wasn’t a huge loss because it was pretty weak and no one made any go fast parts for it.

That left us with a bit of a conundrum. See we have this race truck and its kind of fun. We just need a new engine for it. So as much as the 3 Pedal Mafia hates racing BMWs, my co-owner found this little bargain on Copart and had it delivered. He did a little detective work and actually found out it was running when the kid who bought it crashed it. In fact, just a few hours of fiddling and we managed to hotwire it successfully. We can’t get the clutch to release, which might explain how it was abandoned at the accident site (then the kid took the key with him) but that’s another story. So I have to get this thing running, then rips its guts out and wedge them in an 80’s Japanese truck.

Should be a cinch.

Meanwhile, if you’re a race team, hobby-ist, artist or gearhead looking for a rust free and easily straightened shell, come and get it. For enough beer and the coverage of a rental trailer I can even deliver. Contact me here, or the 24 of LeMons Forum or via email at evilmental@gmail.com.

Happy New Year!



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