Woo hoo 20 posts!

Meh, it’s not like anyone reads it. But that’s not the piont, the piont in I want to be a writer, and as I piont out in my first post you didn’t read, if you want to be a writer, you need to write.

So I have been trying to write. Not very well mind you, hence only 20 posts. Well now, 21.

But I would submit I have been writing. I have also been running. Both with the same mixed results. But lately I have been making serious progress running. For the past month I have been racking up some serious milage, and at a good clip. Nothing record breaking, but close to a personal best and continued improvement.

The same could be said for writing. I have seen some strides this year and I might actually see a glossy publication this year. Big might. But last year it wasn’t a thought. In fact, last year I was still hoping for a corporate job. I may be broke, but I’m happier.

I wonder what I could have done if I put forth the work in my writing and running I have in my writing. Would I have seen the same gains and progress? Would it make me as happy?

Probably not which is probably why I never tried that hard. So instead I have 20 posts.

Well, 21.


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