Happy Thanksgiving

So if the other blogs I read are an indication, I should recognize holidays on this one.

At least if I want this to be a success. Which I am not sure I do, certainly not I the conventional profit sense. Really the piont of this was to make me write.

Which so far, makes this a failure.

But I am a stubborn sort, so I am sticking with this.

Thanksgiving of course leads to Christmas which leads to the New Year and the cycle begins anew.

So as a driver, you look forward. I am making my goals for the new year, which forces me to examine my accomplishments for this years.

Despite missing quite a few goals, it’s pretty much been a banner year. One the films and shows are released I will be able to link to those efforts and with any luck you will see a few seconds on me on the screen, I am the out of focus guy in the background.

I have had three items published on Road & Track, including this one I am pretty proud of. I have stood on a (virtual and real) podium twice this year.

Finally, by the strictest definitions, this year I became a professional actor, driver and writer.

So while there always will be goals and dreams to chase and fall short, the pursuit of them often yields more than we expect.

And for that, I am truly thankful.


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