File this under “Things That Don’t Suck”

in 2012 I was blessed to lead a team of 100 of the best AWACS maintainers and operations staff to a dream gig, 180 days in Curaçao, a tropical paradise.

The running gag was “File this under “Things That Don’t Suck” This applied to every sunset,  morning SCUBA dive, or techno rave on the beach. Yes, we did our jobs and we did them well, but we knew how to have fun and appreciate the opportunity.

I have been retired for just over a year, like literally 370 days.

I just wrapped a great weekend in St Louis with my part time gig coaching in supercars at Gateway Motorsports Park. We had a banner weekend.

Tomorrow my Dad arrives and we drive on to Sturgis South Dakota for the Rally.

I am in Downtown St Louis, after meeting up with a friend of a dear military friend taking in a brilliant Texas blues cover band. Both the band and the company are pretty awesome.

If I knew how great all of this would turn out, I would go tell my younger self to harden up and be patient whenever I had a rant about my current predicament.

The reality is, life is pretty cool sometimes…


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