My Military Career Trained Me for This Job

In my 23 year absence, Atlanta has really gotten it together. I love this town and didn’t realize how much until I left in 1991.

Among the industries that have sprouted over the last 1/4 century exist a now established film and television production market. That brings opportunities across the spectrum I would have never had before, including background extras.

Read my friend Steve Lang’s take on his work in the field. All of my cars are too much. A White Suburban, silver Mercedes and red El Camino. But as for me? At 6 ft. 180 lbs with brown eyes, brown hair, and no striking features? I am everyman.

It’s like Steve describes. A lot of standing around, waiting, raiding the craft tables and often not being used at all. My first job was on Halt and Catch Fire as well and after wardrobe and makeup, they didn’t use me at all. But it was a fascinating glimpse into what is actually very tedious work. The scene has to be shot from multiple angles and the body movements the same.

Of course I am not allowed to talk about any of it. After 23 years with a security clearance, the endless pages of non disclosure agreements are 2nd nature.

Nothing I have done is on the screen yet, but as soon as it is, I can talk about it. Which is more than I can say for my military clearance. But unlike most of the “classified” information I agreed not to talk about, at least this is interesting.

FYI Ben Affleck still smokes and is actually a really nice guy.


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