Objects in motion and ego recharge…

I am at the Walter Mitty Classic at Road Atlanta. Seriously, as I type this. The Stock Cars are black flagged after John Finger blew an engine. I am on the hill outside of 10 a/b.

Earlier this year I took my Dad to Daytona for the 500. Before that, the last race I was actually just spectated was in Abu Dhabi, for the Formula 1 race.

I am struck by how this relaxes me.

In college, I took a yoga class. It was brilliant, taught by a computer administrator for the business department. One of her takeaways was the need to learn to relax without getting sleepy. I haven’t quite mastered that skill. But I did just snooze through the 2nd half of a race involving retired F1 cars, and well into a battle of classic IMSA GTO machines. I got plenty of sleep last night but the sounds just lower my blood pressure and soothe me.

Now I am sitting in the sun, on the deck of my RV, barefoot with a cold beer. This is the life and next week needs to watch it’s back.

I feel like I can meet any challenge and it’s only Saturday.

How does that work? It’s hot, noisy and the PA  system is chattering away. I have a stack of pics, been boring my friends with texts, blew up my Instagram account and met Boris Said and Brian Redman (both are awesome BTW).

Yet I bet my blood pressure hasn’t been lower in months.

Find what you love, it does matter.


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